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Im Kampf gegen den FachkrĂ€ftemangel stehen wir als Personalberatung mit unseren Headhuntern bei der Suche nach passendem Personal an Ihrer Seite. Der Executive Search (auch Direktsuche, Direct Search) ist fĂŒr die Personalsuche nach Fach- und FĂŒhrungskrĂ€ften immer noch die Geheimwaffe der Unternehmen. RecruitingFĂŒhrungskrĂ€fte CoachingOutplacementInverses HeadhuntingActive SourcingDigitalisierung

This is how you find a job in Germany, Austria or Swizerland

Jobs in the UK or Germany

Where Do You find Jobs for the UK for Germany?

This is how you find a job in Germany, Austria or Swizerland

You want to work in Germany, Austria or Swizerland? Find the right job with these job boards and business networks.


Search job boards, and find your dream job. In the job boards that we introduce to you, you will find job adverts that suit you. You would like to be invited for a job interview? Then apply with your CV in German and English.
New jobs are offered daily on the job portals in Germany. It is best to contact directly a headhunter in Germany. This can estimate the positions and help you to properly design and place the application.

We give you the most important addresses here.

The generalists stepstone, indeed, monster, employment agency

General job boards

Executive Search Headhunter

Where Do You find a Executive Search Headhunter for the UK for Germany?

cover all professions, sectors and regions in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Advantage of the generalists:
A high range for all jobs characterize these job boards.
Disadvantage of the generalists:
These job boards are not set up by industry and therefore have difficulty reaching willing candidates.

You can find a further overview of job boards in Germany, Austria and Switzerland here 

Specialized job boards

are the best course of action. Here are the jobs that suit you. You have fast contact to the contact persons and get fast feedback.

An example from the IT industry is the stellenpiraten job market.

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