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Im Kampf gegen den Fachkräftemangel stehen wir als Personalberatung mit unseren Headhuntern bei der Suche nach passendem Personal an Ihrer Seite. Der Executive Search (auch Direktsuche, Direct Search) ist für die Personalsuche nach Fach- und Führungskräften immer noch die Geheimwaffe der Unternehmen. RecruitingFührungskräfte CoachingOutplacementInverses HeadhuntingActive SourcingDigitalisierung

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Recruitment IT Guide : Hr consulting finds excellent specialists in the IT industry

Recruitment IT Guide : The future of a successful company depends on the choice of the right IT specialists. In order to relieve the burden on their own HR department, goal-oriented managers work together with professionally oriented recruiting agencies. You know the IT professional market and have Information Technology Services HR consultants.

What does a recruitment agency DO IT do?


“A recruitment agency IS anitating IT on behalf of a company to encourage them to switch to the client. For the assignment, HR consulting from the IT industry receives a commission on the annual target salary of the mediated IT specialist.”

Already at the first conversation with your customer, Information Technology Services HR consultants develop an exact job and requirements profile of the desired candidate. As headhunters, you will find the selected candidates who are tailor-made for the advertised position. As these are not currently on the market, the specialists in recruitment IT have the appropriate company and contact addresses. In addition, there are social media such as Xing, Facebook or Linkedin.

Recruitment IT Guide: Your next 5 steps to become an IT specialist

The focus of THE HR consulting IT is direct search or active sourcing. A distinction is made between Expert Search and Executive Search. While Expert Search strives to be a specialist for a clerk position, the client expects an experienced and highly qualified applicant in Executive Search, to whom he can entrust both IT tasks and the management of a department or company. However, it is necessary to establish contact with time and a personal sensitivity, as the person concerned is not accessible at all times. Some are also involved in large-scale projects. Most in-house HR departments or HR are overwhelmed at this point, as they have to take care of their extensive administrative tasks. They also lack the IT background, which is particularly important when selecting specialists and managers.

Step 1: Find all the information for the IT professional together.

Why should the IT professional choose your company? In the current labour market situation, specialists in the IT industry can choose their new job. So highlight your strengths as a company, consider that an interested candidate is still looking at more job ads. Only if all the specified variants for Him exactly matches the point exactly with your offer, the candidate may contact.

Step 2: Create an appealing IT job ad.

First of all! Placing a job advertisement in the usual job exchanges is no longer enough for IT professionals. Investing in expensive Internet presences on your website is also not necessarily effective. IT professionals want to be addressed directly in the current labour market situation. The direct address ( Executive Search Method ) is still proven the safest method to attract a new employee.

Step 3: Find a suitable IT HR consulting for the search.

Are you looking for a suitable recruitment consultancy for recruitment IT? We have prepared a suitable selection for you. A good HR consultancy should be on the market for years and therefore have a suitable network for your search. It is also important to address the candidates by experts from the IT industry. A headhunter who has already worked in the industry himself will be best placed to suggest the right candidates.

Step 4: Receive tailor-made candidate suggestions from IT HR Consulting.

Now it’s up to you! You have the appropriate profiles of the IT experts. When invite them to talk? Simply make a list of your most important criteria for selection, so you can have the conversation quite relaxed. Ask about the strengths and weaknesses of the candidates. Experience always shows, however, that ultimately the “chemistry” between you and the candidate is a decisive factor.

Step 5: Conduct the personnel interviews with the candidates.

Now it’s not far from the candidate’s hiring. They conduct the candidate interviews and coordinate the interviews. Do you agree with the candidate? Then make an appropriate offer for the employment contract. They have invested a lot. Now it is in the hands of the candidate to choose your company. In today’s labour market situation, good candidates always have several offers to change jobs.

What distinguishes a headhunter?

Headhunters are IT HR Consultants. In order to carry out their tasks optimally, they usually have very special expertise and technical experience. They combine these with a completed degree with an IT focus or THE HR consultancy IT. Because of their education, they can build up social networks. As headhunters, they find here the channels on which the highly qualified candidates travel every day.

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As a first step, the headhunter agrees a methodical briefing with the client in order to determine the correct recruiting strategy. The candidate concerned is then approached in the context of a systematic multi-channel direct contact. The call is done by phone or chat. In addition, the HR Consultant assures him absolute discretion. In the following qualification interview, the interested party gives an impression of his personal and professional skills. In addition to hard skills, soft skills are also in demand. If the HR Consultant is convinced of the qualification of his interlocutor, he creates a meaningful short profile for the shortlist. At the same time, he is at the client’s side throughout the selection process. As soon as the candidate seems to be suitable for the company, the HR Consultant arranges a non-binding interview with the later client. The invitation is then accepted by the company. Here, the decision-makers put their future employee through their paces. In the best case, the vacant position is filled with him. The contractor maintains the specified timeline discreetly until the final signature under the employment contract. The management positions filled by headhunters in the context of HR consulting, for example – the Group Head of IT – the Head of Engineering – the project manager IT and – the technical key account manager team lead.

The optimised services of recruitment IT

If you have to fill a highly qualified position in IT, you pay attention to the smallest details. Does the potential candidate already have the necessary aptitude and competence at the required level or does he have to learn further steps? In order to eliminate problems of this kind immediately and save precious time, the Agency offers deep competences in the industry concerned from the very first moment. In addition, there is the obligatory transparency and the sense of the right situation. Recruitment IT is responsible for – a professional expertise. It includes all the points with which the time-to-hire strategy can be implemented in a timely manner. In this way, the client receives potentially interesting suggestions after only a few days. – the high-quality agile and methodical approach during the selection process. The chosen strategies positively align both the client and the candidate with the vacancy and enable the timely filling of the vacancy. – the practice-oriented search for experts and executive staff. – the discharge of the company’s internal HR department. The headhunter takes over the advice of the client. – a guarantee of replacement if the employment relationship does not develop according to the wishes of the client.

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