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How video conferences (!) bring candidates and headhunters in the USA together in an interview ..

How video conferences bring candidates and headhunters together in an interview.

In the world of personnel consultants and headhunters, a change has taken place not only since the Corona crisis. Interviews for recruiting candidates are currently increasingly being implemented using video conferences. Two providers have emerged here. Skype and Zoom! We have put together a consideration of the advantages and disadvantages of Zoom and Skype for you here. But first we want to consider the topic of video conference together.

Video interviews between the HR consultant or headhunter and the candidate are becoming increasingly common before the personal interview. There are a few things to keep in mind so that the interview runs smoothly.

The video interview is just as important as an interview

Why should you take a Skype or Zoom interview seriously?

A successful video interview begins with the right attitude to this – admittedly: still relatively new – conversation medium. Look forward to it, be well prepared and take the opportunity to tell your employer of your choice why you are exactly the right person for the vacant position.

The best preparation for the video interview is up to you ..

What are the six key points that will make your Skype Zoom Interview successful?

In terms of content, preparing an interview using Zoom or Skype hardly differs from a personal interview. Organizationally, however, there are some aspects to consider for a professional presentation:

  • Have you exchanged the contact details with the HR manager?
  • Are your profile name and profile picture sufficiently serious for professional contact?
  • Do your privacy or status settings allow the call to the personnel manager?
  • Clarify in advance who is calling whom and have the phone number and email address of your contact person ready just in case.

Technical aspects should not be underestimated
The impression of your presentation depends on the technical framework, not to be underestimated.

  • Quality of the Internet connection: if necessary, connect the LAN cable or change the position to the W-LAN router
  • Volume of the microphone and speaker
  • Video quality in terms of illumination: not too bright and not too dark
  • Start the computer early and close all other programs: You don’t want to experience the automatic shutdown moment due to a system update 

  • Also have all important documents and utensils, from the CV to the job profile to the handkerchief, unobtrusively ready. Under no circumstances should you leave your seat during the conversation. Dress appropriately for an appointment. Whether you wear trousers or not is a question of inner attitude, not a question of the camera section.
  • Show your presence during the interview via video

In the appointment itself, you have to make sure that you speak clearly, pay attention to delays in the transmission and let the other person finish speaking. Otherwise, important information can be left behind. In any case, it is more than legitimate to ask in a video call if you have not understood something correctly. You can even use the excuse “acoustically not understood” well if you want to save a moment to answer a question 

You must not hide behind your computer. Be present and usually look into the camera. Unnecessary movements distract from content. On the other hand, you shouldn’t look frozen on the recruiter’s screen. If you need something in your hand to calm you down, take handwritten notes. Typing on the PC keyboard generates a lot of noise when you are opposite, which should be avoided.

For you, concentrating on the audio channel means .. don’t allow distractions

Why is the audio channel so important?

Video function or not: the audio channel, meaning: what you say is crucial. Therefore, you need to make sure that no family members, pets or outside noises (windows open?) Cause loud or visual distractions. Choose a neutral background in your home that does not appear chalk white or bookshelf-colored. A simple picture often helps.

Don’t be afraid of a job interview via Skype or Zoom: with good preparation and a little anticipation, you can show strong presence and collect many plus points. By the way, you also show the HR consultant or headhunter that you can use modern communication technologies in the best possible way. This competence can hardly be better represented than in a video interview and is often underestimated.

Skype – the classic

Why is Skype so popular with headhunters and recruiters?

One of the market leaders is the Skype video chat app belonging to Microsoft, which also enables calls and chats. The use of Skype is free, but the user needs a Skype account that can be set up using an email address. In order to start a video call, the accounts of the phone users must be connected.

Advantage: Up to 50 participants per conference are possible. The program runs as software, app and in the browser.

Disadvantage: There are data protection concerns: According to a “Guardian” report, a Microsoft contractor is said to have transcribed numerous recordings of Skype calls without special security measures. The operation is also not entirely clear. The tool is therefore not necessarily suitable for beginners.

Zoom – Easy login

Why is Zoom so successful for an interview?

Zoom is also a big beneficiary of the current situation. The number of users rose by more than two million in the first months of the year. The free tariff allows video calls of up to 40 minutes in length and with up to 100 participants.

Advantage: No account is required to participate in zoom conferences. Users can easily join a video call using an ID number and password. However, if you want to start a zoom conversation, you have to log in via your email address. With its few functions, the application is user-friendly.

Disadvantage: Zoom is also in the sights of data protection. Even the New York Attorney General is currently examining the extent to which the application complies with data protection guidelines.

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