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Im Kampf gegen den Fachkräftemangel stehen wir als Personalberatung mit unseren Headhuntern bei der Suche nach passendem Personal an Ihrer Seite. Der Executive Search (auch Direktsuche, Direct Search) ist für die Personalsuche nach Fach- und Führungskräften immer noch die Geheimwaffe der Unternehmen. RecruitingFührungskräfte CoachingOutplacementInverses HeadhuntingActive SourcingDigitalisierung

Executive search for executives in the USA – what is it?

Unternehmensberatung HSC Personalmanagement Geschäftsführung

Executive search for executives – what does that mean in top management?

How does this work? Where can you find Executive Search? Which recruitment agencies offer this search? Which employees are addressed? What does the Executive Search service cost?

Personnel search at the highest level for you …

The first to third management levels in particular are the premier class for personnel recruitment. Management consultants have specialized in just that. But especially in top management, the vacancies are either quickly filled again or are rationalized away by the environment in which they act. Executive search of top management positions has been one of the most important tasks of HSC personnel management in the private and public sector for many years.

Executive Search and the HSC Personal brand …

The “HSC Personal” brand is known as a reference in the market for the direct addressing of management positions both among the top companies and among the candidates in the areas of the supervisory board, board of directors and management in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Not only that is for us the greatest possible obligation. With our management consultancy in the field of human resource management, we develop new visions and opportunities together with the candidates in the management levels in middle management. Yesterday division manager and tomorrow board member? With us it is quite possible.

So what does the “HSC Personal brand” stand for?

The understanding, the competence and the in-depth knowledge of our consultants about the procedures and processes at our clients. Industry expertise as a factor for targeting candidates in management positions. Only if our consultants are perceived as competent contacts can the discussions also have a lasting impact and convince a candidate willing to change.

Can you measure success?

Because we are deeply familiar with the respective market and framework conditions of our clients, we also know the challenges of the decision-makers. For us, aExecutive search for executives - what is it?dvice means always questioning but also reliably, promptly and uniquely looking after key positions. We always have the search for the right personalities in focus.

We find personalities that fit our clients’ cultures and can offer real added value for companies. Longevity and a high degree of professionalism characterize the selected candidates. After all, candidates we look after are our clients of tomorrow.

Support throughout the application process from A to Z?

On request, we actively accompany the onboarding, and will be at your side as a partner through a dedicated follow-up process for the indispensable success or satisfaction analysis. Our motto is: After the hiring, the actual work only begins. Candidates want an optimal start. Companies want a quick return on investment. Only then will the expenses for an executive search in the top management area pay off.

We are a certified company and thus ensure high quality standards and are responsible for innovation management, with special attention to digital tools and methods for process support along the entire value chain. Digitization of all processes is a standard in our company.

Our understanding of executive search is clear and simple: In our specific mandate, we see it as our main task to advise clients and interested parties equally in their respective decision-making with the greatest possible independence and neutrality.

Leadership advisory at eye level …

is our basic approach. We advise with the greatest possible independence and neutrality. We support clients and interested parties in their respective decision-making with a high level of competence. For us, executive search is clear and simple: Finding the best possible candidate for our client based on a clearly coordinated profile.

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