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Im Kampf gegen den Fachkräftemangel stehen wir als Personalberatung mit unseren Headhuntern bei der Suche nach passendem Personal an Ihrer Seite. Der Executive Search (auch Direktsuche, Direct Search) ist für die Personalsuche nach Fach- und Führungskräften immer noch die Geheimwaffe der Unternehmen. RecruitingFührungskräfte CoachingOutplacementInverses HeadhuntingActive SourcingDigitalisierung

About Us – more than 20 years successful (!)

Personalberatung für Führungskräfte

1. Personnel Consulting + Recruitment
2. Business Succession M & A
3. IT consulting

for You

HSC has been one of the leading consulting companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland since 1999. We have a wide network of candidates and companies. In headhunting, for example, we occupied interesting positions with specialists and executives. As a certified consulting company, we maintain business relationships with companies not only in the IT industry but in all areas of digitization.Successful with us step by step …

our business areas for you:

1. Personnel consulting and recruitment
2. Business Succession M & A
3. IT Consulting and Management Consulting

1. Personnel consulting and recruitment

HSC is one of the market leaders in the field of headhunting and executive search in Germany with the job exchange Stellenpiraten and the consulting platform HSC-Personal.

For our clients and candidates one can subdivide these services of HSC into different areas.

1.1 Recruitment or headhunting based on permanent employment.

1.2 Recruitment in temporary employment or temporary employment.

1.3 Interim Management in Recruitment.

1.4 Project mediation and as a project service provider for freelancers and freelancers

1.5 A successful job board offering job vacancies for IT and Telecom jobs.

Business Consulting – HSC Personalmanagement – Personalberatung IT
Successful method ..

So HSC advises companies from all sectors of the economy in the occupation of:

divisional managers

That’s why we work across sectors, individually problem- and solution-oriented. That’s why our goal is a long-term cooperation with our customers based on success, trust and partnership. So our name stands for competence and seriousness. First of all, we guarantee confidentiality towards clients and candidates. Therefore, we coordinate the most effective search method for each search order with the client. Incidentally, whether direct addressing – in print media or on the Internet, always the successful cast is at the top.

The HR consultants IT, Headhunters and experts of HSC come from the industry of our clients, where they worked as Senior Consultant, Account Manager, Head of Business Units, Partner or in other management positions. We know exactly how our clients work and which employees they need. After all, HSC quickly provides precisely tailored candidates. We also select candidates through our IT job market.

Therefore, we have a personal interest in a successful cast. So take our word for it with the HSC, you have a partner for your success.

This is how it works: Direct contact with candidates

Top positions are usually filled by direct communication. First, on the basis of a thorough position analysis, we assume the following services:

Selection of possible target companies
Vote on the final companies
Identification of candidates

For example the search through our IT job market

Discrete direct phone call
Deepening of the telephone interview
Request for applicant documents
Review of applicant documents
Appointment with applicants
Conducting aptitude interviews
Judgment on professional qualification
Judgment on personal fitness
Presentation of the applicants to the client

Recommendation to recruit the suitable candidate
Candidates also apply online by means of an initial application

Support of the candidate’s application with the application check

A service is also the outplacement of candidates
More detailed information can be found in our seminars.

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